BioSynergy Conference poster design
BioSynergy Conference logo and tagline
BioSynergy Conference leaflet design front and back
BioSynergy Conference event branding marketing materials
BioSynergy Conference event branding
BioSynergy Conference website design mockup
BioSynergy Conference logo design colour

Logo Design and Event Branding


BioSynergy approached us with a range of exciting graphic design projects. These included a new logo, website and event branding for the BioSynergy Conference. The event branding needed to address a lack of awareness in the relevant fields.


We created a striking logo that combines the different elements of the science industry. The logo depicts complex networks linking together. This is symbolic of how the conference links different areas of expertise form accross all science sectors.

By developing a one page scrolling website, it is easy for users to find all relevant information such as, times, dates and events. The interface was designed to allow all major areas of the website to be easily found and only a single click away.


The event has risen in stature and attendance numbers have increased. The logo has helped build the profile of the conference and assisted in bringing experts together to share information.